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Service Agreement





Wire Co's Service Agreement allows the Customer the flexibility of selecting the type and amount of service they require. Below are some of the more popular choices:

  1. Annual Inspection

Wire Co will perform a visual inspection of equipment, tune-up and/or make any adjustments to improve performance of equipment, and issue report of equipment condition, work performed, and any recommendations.

  1. Bi-Annual Inspection

Wire Co will perform the Annual Inspection, insulation test on all main motors and there wires, and check and tighten control wire on the equipment two times a year.

  1. Quarterly Inspection and Maintenance

        Wire Co will perform the Bi-Annual Inspection, grease and check fluid levels of the equipment four times per year.

Benefits of Using Wire Co’s Scheduled Services:

  • Lower Service Rates

When you are using Wire Co’s services on a scheduled basis and Wire Co has a stake in the performance of your equipment. Wire Co reduces its hourly and daily rates.

  • Predictable Maintenance

Based on Wire Co experience with equipment, we are able to monitor conditions and help to predict when equipment repairs may be coming due in the future.

  • Dependable Scheduled Maintenance

Many times Maintenance Departments intend to perform proper maintenance on the equipment in their plant. However, due to the day-to-day operations of the mill they may not be able to put preventative maintenance first, possibly delaying preventative and predictive maintenance in efforts to keep other equipment running. When Wire Co is performing scheduled maintenance, the maintenance, performance, and operation of that equipment is our top priority.

  • Report

Wire Co will prepare a Report for each visit. The report shall contain a summary of equipments’ overall condition, items in need of attention, review of items from previous reports, and work performed notes. 

  • Phone Support

Wire Co offers phone support at a reduced rate. This support is being offered to help with the day to day problems that may arise with your equipment and to help insure a service call is needed. If the problem is able to be troubleshoot over the phone, you will save down time and cost of a service call.


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